Lyon focus group: Growing diversity and local impact anti-discrimination policies

The first focus group took place on the 21th of November 2014 in Lyon at the Regional Institute for Youth, Sport and Social Cohesion (DRJSCS in French), which is a regional body in charge of Social Cohesion policy. The focus group gathered professionals from national institutions in charge of integration of immigrants, as the Prefecture of the Rhône-Alpes Region, and from local institutions based in the two neighbourhoods chosen for the fieldwork, in both education and social cohesion fields. A short presentation by Mélodie Beaujeu (INED) on the first findings obtained in the first stage of the study was used to launch the discussion among participants. The central issue and question posed to the participants related to the advantages and disadvantages of adopting either a generalist approach and measures regarding integration issues or a more specific approach. The debate focused on whether the specific policies would result in the stigmatization of certain groups and on the relevance of having specific policies in a context where there is a growing diversity, and, at last, on the local impact of anti-discrimination policies.


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Co-funded by the European Union European Integration Fund