Mainstreaming at Imiscoe conference, Geneva

Double panel on the mainstreaming of immigrant integration governance at Annual Imiscoe conference, with several papers on mainstreaming practices in France, Spain and Poland as well as comparative studies of the politics and practices of mainstreaming.

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EU roundtable: Social Inclusion in Superdiverse Age, May 19, 2015

On Tuesday, 19th May, MPI Europe hosted the closed roundtable  'Rethinking Social Inclusion Policy for a Hypermobile, Superdiverse Age', bringing  together a wide range of actors - from local civil society, and local and regional government, to Brussels-based associations and EU institutions - to discuss the threats and opportunities to social inclusion in an era where populations are increasingly diverse and mobile.

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Dutch Workvisit to Poland, April 13-14, 2015

The visit of Dutch city- and central-level officials in Poland took place on April 13th and 14th 2015. The kick-off session with the participation of the representatives of Polish NGOs (Foundation for Development Beyond Borders), academic experts, and ministry-level officials (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy) concerned the particularities of immigration to Poland and of the Polish integration policy. In order to explore the realities of the immigrant integration processes in Poland, and specifically in Warsaw, the group then visited the Foundation for Somalia, an NGO which operates a welcome center and an information point for foreigners.

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Spanish Upstream visit to the UK, March 23-24, 2015

The UK visit of the Spanish Upstream team took place 23-24 March in the London Borough of Southwark. Meeting up at Southwark Town hall, the team was first briefed on key aspects of social cohesion, inclusion and education in Southwark. The team also met with the Council’s Mayor, Councillor Chopra, who shared his own story of migration to the UK. After a ‘cultural walk’ along the River Thames, the team met with local voluntary sector representatives, Community Action Southwark and the Forum for Equalities and Human Rights, who support the huge number of voluntary organisations in the area.

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Polish Workvisit to Spain, April 7-8, 2015

A delegation of Polish members of public institutions and social organizations paid a visit to their Spanish counterparts, to exchange experiences with the mainstreaming of immigrant integration. The participants visited different social consultancies and NGO's both at the local and regional level and paid a visit two to neighbourhoods in the city of Madrid. The discussion focused on the rapid increase and diversification of migration in Spain and the decreasing role of central government due to the economic crisis and retrenchment measures. consequently the role and work of non-governmental organisations was discussed extensively, inter alia by a visit to DINAMIA and CARITAS NGO as well as a visit to the DG Migration of the Regional Government of Madrid and the Red Cross Communitarian Centre in Malasaña neighbourhood (Espacio Pozas).

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French Workvisit to the Netherlands, March, 30-31, 2015


On March 30-31st a French delegation of national, regional and local policy makers paid a visit to Rotterdam. After a symposium on the main French and Dutch trends of mainstreaming, the entire delegation paid a visit to the National Program on Rotterdam South. A good example of an area-based mainstreaming approach, where both the national and local government invest in area's in the South of Rotterdam to improve the living conditions in the area. After a discussion on the project's approach and effects there was a site-visit to some of the neighbourhoods in the area. The next day the visit was completed by a symposium on anti-discrimination policies and the collaboration with migrant-self organisations and a visit to the Alderman of Integration policies.

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UK Workvisit to France, March, 25-26, 2015

The work visit of a UK delegation of olicy makers to France took place on the 26 and 27th of March 2015. The visit started at l’INED, the French partner and went on in different places in Paris and Saint-Denis. The visit consisted of inter alia a session on integration and anti-discrimination and site visits to Gisti (an NGO specialising in the rights of foreigners), Professions Banlieues (a network that exists to create connections between professionals working in deprived areas and social scientists ), the migration museum and a school in Saint-Denis.

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